Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Another Good Semester

I took three classes this summer -- Microeconomics, Consumer Behavior, and E-Commerce. In E-Commerce I got an A. The other two classes I got B's. That bumped my not-yet-great GPA from a 2.423 after the spring semester and a 2.292 after last fall, to a 2.496 cumulative GPA. It continues to go up, which is what I need it to do.

The funny thing about Consumer Behavior is the percentage. I got an 80.00% in the class. According to my professor's grading scale, an 80.00% is a B, but a 79.99% is a C. He doesn't do rounding. What makes this more interesting is I wouldn't have had an 80.00% had I not gotten an extra bonus point on my final exam for pointing out an error in one of the questions. Talk about being lucky!

Anyway, I'm hoping to acheive at least a 2.6 cumulative GPA after this upcoming fall semester. That would require at least two A's and three B's. We'll see if I can meet that goal. I'm feeling really good about college these days!