Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ProSonic Progress Report

The progress on the engine is steady, but it is slow in terms of how many goals of my 7-point plan are actually being accomplished. I have had a background layer for a good while now, and more recently the scripting language (although no MMF-like event editor to work with it.) The other day, I got the configuration file working so that key bindings, screen resolution settings, and other options can be set there instead of using hard-coded defaults.

I am planning to work on step #4 of my plan next. I have a few ideas of how I want to do it. I haven't decided which idea to go with yet. I will be making up my mind very soon though.

On the side, I've also been doing some extra things to the engine not part of the plan. The hope is that I can claim more than one front which to grab people's attention for the next major release which I'm planning for September. I'm sorry to say I won't have the 7-point plan completed by late July which is when SAGE '09 is.

As it currently stands, I'd say I'm about 40% complete in regards to where I want the engine to be by September. Keep in mind that I've done a lot of other things to the engine outside the 7-point plan, so it's different in more than seven ways.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Beef with EPR ProAudio Electronics

I have an Ensoniq DP/4+ effects processor that had some issues with the audio. Ensoniq is defunct now, so EPR ProAudio Electronics does all the work on Ensoniq's old products. I sent in my processor to EPR somewhere around October or November. I have called them at least five or six times since then, and everytime they kept telling me they were still working on it, that they needed a replacement board for it and such. These people never call me, I always have to call them to find out what's going on.

Well I called EPR one last time about four or five weeks ago, and they said it couldn't be fixed. That was fine. They asked if I wanted it scrapped or shipped back. I told them I wanted it shipped back. They understood and said they would fill out the appropriate paperwork.

I'm still waiting on my processor, and I'm not happy at all with these people. My dad has thought all along that they may have made the problem with the processor worse and just don't want to admit to it. I'm beginning to subscribe to that too, and this long waiting period to get my processor shipped back has be very suspicious. I'm thinking of calling them again tomorrow. EPR has had more than six months now, and to me that is uncalled for.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

ProSonic Scripting Update

It's been a while since I wrote anything about my game engine on here. I have been working on the scripting support in ProSonic, and I'm very happy with the progress so far.

I think a second public release by August is a real possibility. How far along the scripting support is by then will be a major determining factor in regards to any potential release date.