Monday, June 20, 2011

Wal-Mart Needs to Press Harder on Advancing Women...

... or at least that's what a "news" article from Anne D'Innocenzio has for it's headline. Click below to read it:

I hold no opinion on the matter at all. I'm just upset that the writer decided to insert her personal opinion into something that, by all journalistic standards, is supposed to be purely fact-based. I read the news often and occasionally have to weed out bits that I feel are biased one way or the other, but this is one of the worst cases of bias I've seen, and it's very hard to make an argument that it's anything but blatant bias. It's actually very offensive to me, and again that's without holding any sort of opinion on the subject.

I feel there would be less bias if people of all stripes came out in unity and pointed out things like this and called them what they are. The problem is what often is the case, what's seen as biased to one individual isn't biased in another individual's opinion. However there's no debate with this one. Everyone should call this one out. Anne D'Innocenzio shouldn't be allowed a pass on this.