Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Disaster Area

The house I grew up in about 85% of my life is falling apart. It's a real shame to think house the house used to look and how much things change over time.

A year ago, the roof collapsed in my mom's room, and eventually the roof collapsed in the corner of the kitchen too. A lot of furniture has been ruined since that time. You can't hardly breathe in the house anymore.

Today, me and my brother spent about 4 hours straight getting stuff out, because the roof is finally being redone. We took the water bed apart, tore up all the carpet, shoveled the drywall and other stuff laying in the floor, and basically moved everything out of my mom's room. We also moved some things out of the kitchen, but we were tired after 4 hours of hard work, so we called it quits. Plus, it was getting late (I got home at 10:00).

Eventually, everything in the entire house will have to come out since the entire roof will be changed. It's not just shingles that are changing, it's all the wood as well. I hope eventually we can get that house looking nice again. My dad criticizes me and my brother for not helping out enough, and he's right to do that. I do wish my dad made attempts to change the roof all those years it leaked. I understand it's expensive and such, but it was something that always got put on the back burner. My dad did a lot of hard work, so I'm not trying to say he's lazy by any means. I do think however that he ignored the problem when he could have done something about it. We didn't do anything to fix the problem 15 years ago, so now we're faced with the problem in a far more dramatic way now.

Right now, my legs and back are killing me. My shoes and socks are off because they are covered in mildew. I took a shower because I needed one desperately after being in that horrible environment for 4 hours. It's good to finally sit down.

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