Monday, December 15, 2008

Cash Budgets

I was freaking out. Here I have my financial management final that I'm doing from home, and my professor asks us to do a cash budget. I did this on a previous test, and it took me forever to get it. I completely forgot how to do it, and so I was searching through my book trying to figure out anything I could.

Of course, the book is one of the worst text books I have ever seen -- it doesn't explain much about anything, and what it does explain isn't explained so people like me can understand.

I finished the exam though. I probably didn't get an A on it, and perhaps I didn't get a B either. I'll be happy with a C though. As a matter of fact, I'll be glad when all my classes are completed!

That reminds me, I got a 90 average for my bowling class. I checked his grading, and a 91 would have gotten me a C for skills. So I'm guessing I have a D. I have to work really hard to ace the exam on Wednesday (which I thought was today since he didn't tell anyone.)

It's been a long day!

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