Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bomb Throwers Run Wild at OCR

Take a look at these two links:

- Overclocked ReMix
- Sonic Retro

The topic is on curse words. I started it at Sonic Retro first. After being fairly surprised at how many people didn't see things the way I did, I made a video on the subject. Although I didn't go into great detail in my video, I made the most important points I felt needed attention. After making the video, I decided to make a post on Overclocked ReMix about the same subject.

As you can tell, attitudes between the two message boards aren't even close. While some Sonic Retro members poked fun at my opinion, there really wasn't any malice towards me for it. Overclocked ReMix members made fun of my opinion in every possible way they could. I applaud Sonic Retro members for showing some class. Overclocked ReMiX once again doesn't live up to the same standard. For several years now, the OCR forums have become a place for spewing hate at those who they deem "n00bish" in any way, shape, or form. If they don't like what you post, they'll throw it right in your face. There are some classless Sonic Retro members, but the vast majority understand the meaning of respect.

I've been at OCR since 2003, and I've never seen it this bad. Apparently, the staff hasn't paying attention. The OCR staff should listen up for a change and get much stricter with their out-of-control members if they want OCR to be a welcoming place for newer members in the future. Otherwise, they'll get bad publicity like this. Hey, it's not doing harm to me. I actually love the attention my topic is getting. As I right this, 10% of my latest video's viewership comes directly from OCR. It's good for me, but it can't be good for them.


Jeff Roberts said...

"Overclocked ReMix members made fun of my opinion in every possible way they could."
That's probably because you posted it in off topic. From my experience, the rules seem to be a little more lenient in that forum (perhaps as a throwback to unmod). Don't let your experiences there taint your view of the OCR boards, for the most part the other sections are MUCH less hostile.

By the way, my "stop with the videos and get back to work on prosonic. now." comment was not entirely serious, hence the waka waka smiley. :D

Anonymous said...

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