Friday, July 24, 2009

ProSonic for Mac

If you have MacOS X 10.5 on an Intel platform, you can run it! Download the new release of ProSonic for Mac here:

This release will not be available to Windows users. Instead, they will have to wait for the September release. It does not run on PPC Macs, and it will not run on any other version of MacOS X. You must have 10.5.

I'd like to thank the man running SAGE this year (sorry, I don't see your name anywhere) for hosting this. This is great publicity, and it means a lot! I'd also like to thank CyberKitsune for making this Mac port possible!

ProSonic, for anyone who doesn't know a whole lot about this, is a game engine based directly off the original Sonic engine used in Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, and Sonic 3. If features 68000 emulation so some objects and routines from the Sonic 2 disassembly can be used, ProCode scripting language designed to make customizing the engine simple, VGM and WAV audio playback support, a built-in level editor, and a direct port of all Sonic's physics from Sonic 2.

When running ProSonic, you should be aware that the engine is not a finished product. This is basically a tech demo that shows off many new features that were not available in last years release. I also took the time to polish this release to be sure it wasn't filled with bugs.

Running ProSonic:
All the key commands are available in the Readme file included with the program. Pay close attention to the [i]M[/i] key. That is your friend. The menu allows you to customize some settings such as vsync and audio volume. It can also be used as a cheat menu (and yes Super Sonic works!) Also, the F11 key can be used to reload a zone. If you change the zone number on the menu and press F11, you will go to that zone.

The attraction stage is used as a entry portal to the other zones included with ProSonic. If you walk up to an area that says "zone warp", you will be warped to the zone number indicated. There are four warp points. See if you can find them all without cheating!

Level Editing:
Although it was made during the first release, this video is a tutorial on how to use the level editor in ProSonic. The other editors are disabled in this release but should be available in the September release.

The news on TSSZ was that networking support was added to ProSonic. This is true. I must stress however that it is not available in this release because it's still very buggy. I'm hoping to have it ready for September, but I can't promise anything.

ProSonic uses a sophisticated sound engine that allows the sound to be compressed when it approaches clipping. This helps get rid of some of the distortion you would normally hear when there are too many samples playing together. VGM and GYM files are both supported, along with WAV. One important thing to note -- VGM files must be uncompressed. Compressed (VGZ) files will not work with ProSonic. Some files are improperly given the "VGM" extension even though they're supposed to have "VGZ", so if a "VGM" file doesn't work, it's probably because it's really a "VGZ" file.

You can write code for your fangame using ProSonic's scripting capabilities. There are two options. You can write an object (or port it) using a 68000 compiler, or you can use ProSonic's scripting language, called "ProCode". Available here is a package containing the source code to all the 68000-based objects included with ProSonic, taken directly from the Sonic 2 disassembly. Click here to download the ProCode compiler, which also includes the ProCode script files used with this release of ProSonic. You will need to use WINE to run the 68000 compiler.

I will also be writing a guide on how to use the ProCode language soon. Check back here for that.

No release would be complete without some of these! Check them out:


Final Thoughts:
I want to know what you think. Tell me what you liked about this release, what you didn't like, if you found any bugs or ran into any trouble, and any suggestions you have for future releases. Let me know -- leave a comment!


IHateMacs said...

Boo mac.

Same Here said...


SSNTails said...

So where can we download ProSonic for WINDOWS?

GerbilSoft said...

I'm amused at all the Windows fanboys who believe that they deserve everything handed to them on a silver platter. It's like they have no idea how poorly designed the Win32 API is, and why real programmers prefer using POSIX-compliant platforms instead.

For reference, most of the code fixing in Gens/GS r7 has to do with fixing Win32 bugs. You can check out the Gens/GS source code repository if you don't believe me.

Dean said...

It doesn't matter how badly Windows is designed. Fact is, 90% of users run Windows, with about 6/7% running Mac OSX and the rest running a Linux distro.
I'm not going to complain about there not being a Windows release yet, I'd rather he spend more time working on the finished product than pushing out an unfinished version.
You can call out Windows on its faults all you want, but it is still by a LONG shot, the most widely used OS out there, so developers (such as myself) are going to need to work with and around its flaws for a long while yet.

Gman said...

Nicely said, Dean.

Svend said...

But Dean, just because you feel like you -must- develop for a Windows machine doesn't mean to say that everyone should follow suit. Financially it makes the most sense, yes, but financially it makes sense to also cut Mac users out of the picture entirely.

Let Mac users have their fangame for five minutes, eh?

Future said...

Too bad not on Windows yet. Good thing Mac has a thing before us! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


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