Sunday, November 01, 2009

Internet Issues

I've been wireless internet accessless (like my wording?) for nearly a week now. I've trying everything I can think of to get my internet connection back. I've tried using my dongle on several computers around the building with no luck getting the thing to even see the router. The computers that are directly connected to the router all access the internet fine.

Tonight, I tested my dongle at my friend's house to see if he could access his router, and it succeeded. I accessed the settings for the router here to see if it was being shared, and it was. So my conclusion is that the most likely scenario is the router is going bad. This is not good for me. I'm unable to directly connect to the router from where I am. This hampers my YouTube ventures, as well as communication between people I have been working with on some side projects of mine.

It appears my ability to do much of anything online is going to continue to be crippled for the time being. I may have to buy a new router. I'm hoping that isn't the case, but it isn't looking good.

Anyone want to share their horror stories of routers failing on them? It seems it's all too common unfortunately.

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Pharaoh Atem said...

I wound up having to replace my router because after every few hours, it would snap my internet connection and just stop working until I went and turned it off and on.

This problem has happened on three different routers, made by three different manufacturers, but apparently they used similar firmware.

I later just bought a Linksys router, and haven't looked back since.