Saturday, March 10, 2007

ProSonic Updates Coming

It's been a while since I last mentioned ProSonic on here. I am still working on it, and I have a few things I'm pretty exciting about. Most people won't be as excited as I am because the truth is, I usually get more excited about the things I do with ProSonic than other people do. Something I didn't plan for at the time that I did my outline was integrating level editing into the engine itself. Recently I have decided to expand on the idea of integrating utilities, and now I'm working on a cellular filter editor. A cellular filter contains data used to deform the background of a level to simulate multiple layers scrolling among other things.

My plan to making this kind of editing possible is to first design a menu system that will allow designers to select the variable associated with the cellular filter data and allow them to change it. So right now I'm designing the menu system, and it's quite complex. It'll be flexible enough to recreate the level select menu in Sonic 2 with no programming required on the designer's part.

I plan to upload a video of the progress I've made on YouTube sooner or later. I'm not entirely sure what the video will and will not show, but it'll be whatever I think will be most informational and interesting to people.

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Vincent said...

That's nice Damian!
I'm looking for ProSonic updates everyday sice its start.

What about Sonic's object programming? Any news?

See you and nice work!