Saturday, March 31, 2007

People Who Don't Get Humor

For anyone who hasn't figured it out yet, my OMG Extreme Story Time videos on YouTube were created not only for a laugh, but to prove people wrong who suggested I couldn't take a joke. The series will continue with many more episodes to come I assure you, but I want to address something I didn't expect to see. There's actually people who take me seriously with these videos! This video is a prime example.

I think it's alright for someone to brag about how awesome they are and how nobody else can be that awesome as long as it's humor. I don't actually believe that! It's humor! I'm not going out my way to attack anyone, I'm just being goofy. I think part of the problem is a lot of people who see these videos don't know me personally. I did this kind of stuff around my friends in high school for a long time. It's just a natural part of my personality. That doesn't mean I'm being serious when I say those things though! If anyone disagrees, that's just going to have to be your problem and weird obsession with seriousness.


RockoFanatic said...

Sorry about that, man.

Looking at your main YouTube profile's comment bar almost made me sick. That girl that came on your comment bar and attacked you and your videos was an extremely rude, uncooth, ignorant person.

Damian, just don't listen to those ignorant people. Continue doing those videos.

Chris Rogers said...

They can't even spell correctly, so they shouldn't be insulting you! Anyway, you are awesome, so screw them. I love your videos, and rather enjoy your stlye of humor.

Keep on keeping it on.