Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Touch Me -- You Might Get Lucky!

Today I went to the dump to take some trash. I had a co-worker, Jason, with me to help with the heavy stuff. On my way back to work, we saw a cop who pulled out and drove behind us. I mentioned how I had never gotten a ticket before, and how part of it was probably luck. Right as I said that, I stopped at the end of the road and looked both ways to see if cars were coming. Then I crossed the road. The problem was I forgot about the light -- it was red! The cop behind us followed us down the road, and when I pulled into work, the cop kept going down the road! He never stopped and said anything to me. He's either an extremely nice cop, or blind!

1 comment:

PorpoiseMuffins said...

lol, I think I've done that before while not thinking... but not with a cop behind me! Do you think that thinking about the cop being behind you distracted you? I could see myself doing that. Lucky he let you go.

He might have just followed you to make sure you weren't drunk. He probably wasn't in need of filling his pullover quota at the moment ;)