Sunday, January 13, 2008

Internet Crimes Are Just as Bad as Real World Crimes

Someone went through my car in the middle of the night. One could say "lock your car next time", and I'd say "maybe, but if they're really bad they might break my window the next time". The whole thing can be debated. I was going out to eat dinner with a friend of mine, and the moment I opened my car door I saw my glove compartment wide open. Then I looked on the seats and saw all my stuff thrown around carelessly. The "SHIT" notepads I had in my car were propped up on the dashboard. I guess that was supposed to make me laugh histerically.

Does this remind you of anything? What kind of person would put those notepads on display while leaving my property a mess? If you guessed internet brats, you're right! I can picture this same thing on the internet -- hacking someone's account at a message board, or hacking their website and posting vulgar pictures. The problem on the internet is these people appear as regular ordinary folks that kids look up to because they present themselves as "cool", going around "owning" people. These criminals, and the people who blindly follow them, are very dangerous to our culture and social standards. I have been saying on this blog for a while now that parents need to learn more about this problem of "anonymous" on the internet. The problem is already well-known out there in the real world, but internet people come off less criminal-like and more ordinary. There are many bad sites like YTMND and Sonic CulT, but sites like 4chan stand out as the absolute most extreme. Keep your kids off these sites.

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. If I had seen who was going through my car, I would have blown his head off. Then maybe the "SHIT" thing would be funny.

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Are you still butthurt from this?