Monday, May 05, 2008

Best Semester Ever

My college experience has been very mixed. The first two semesters were great, although I lacked the motivation to do better. With each semester, I got worse and worse, failing some classes here and there. My GPA fell to around 2.1. Last semester I picked up the pace and actually tried, and I passed two of my classes and failed one (because of my stupidity).

So this semester I wasn't going to make the mistake of failing a class because of not reading the syllabus carefully. I put in the effort, took five classes, and today I have gotten my grades. I earned four B's and one A. That's a 3.2 GPA for the semester, and it bumped my cumulative GPA to a 2.3. This is the best I have done. I have never gone through a semester not getting anything below a B. I made it my goal to get all A's and B's this time, and I was successful in that venture.

I know half the people who will read this don't really care, but I write this because it's important to me. I have said for a good while now that my 23rd birthday was a turning point for me, and I believe the proof is showing. I have the capability of becoming anything in the world, and the grades I have gotten today have really given me a boost in confidence I have needed for quite some time.


bubblesnout said...

Well done :)
Always nice to hear about someone achieving goals.

Athelstone said...


Zaysho said...

Congrats man. Reminds me how much further I have to push myself to do better.