Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is Overclocked ReMix Infested with Hate?

That is the big question. I've been a member at those forums for five years. I have posted many song clips over the years, and have even posted about my ProSonic engine there. I have made a couple friends there. I have generally had a very positive attitude towards OCR... that is until I ran into some trouble.

What I'm linking to has some vulgar language just to warn you. In this thread, I set out to promote a video of mine on YouTube. The video of course is not serious, and most guys I know personally think it's great. It's a joke for guys is what it really amounts to. Yet, I have been smeared half to death by these 4chan-like fools who apparently don't know what it's like for a guy to get frustrated with the way women sometimes are (although we still love them!) You'd think these guys have never even known any women in their lives the way they talk.

I have never seen this at OCR. Ever. I have never posted in the Off-Topic forum that I can remember, so it was a learning experience for me. I guess the Off-Topic forum attracts people filled with this sort of stupid behaviour. OCR is a better site that what these people are showing, so why aren't the administrators there doing something about this? Had I known I was going to be ganged up on, I would have never posted. I expect this at a place like 4chan, not OCR.

I won't be recommending the site to anyone anytime soon. I have posted links to it in the past, but I won't be doing that after this episode. I won't be posting any songs there anymore either. The only way these sites change is if people punish this behaviour by leaving. That's absolutely the only way it will ever get better. I'm not calling for a boycott -- people are mature enough to make up their own minds, but I'm certainly never going to view it the same again.

UPDATE: The administration took action! I'm very surprised. I guess they do care about what goes on with the forums. Check this out:

Another train wreck thread. I'm going to start warning people, as some of you are beginning to resemble the idiots we had to deal with several years ago. I'll say the same thing I said in the Bluefox thread. Don't like something? Don't post. Trolling and spamming is against our rules.

What can I say? I judged too soon. Good job to Zircon for taking a stand against this garbage. An otherwise fine place like OCR doesn't need that.


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Hahahaha, the funniest thing about that post was the replies flaming you. Good troll post, good troll post, keep up the good work!

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Bleh. Being the cutsey smartass 4chan asshole is the popular thing to do these days. I've come to expect this everywhere I go on the internet. No one has the balls to stop this shit either.