Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Miserable Right Now

Usually when I have back pain, it's my lower back. Right now, I'm in pain, and it's all through my upper back, neck, and right arm. I can't stand it. I was like this all day yesterday, and I'm like this again this morning. I woke up thinking some of my back troubles were over, but within 10 minutes of moving around, I was feeling the same way I felt yesterday. I don't understand what I did. I slept on my stomach like I usually do, and I realize that can lead to back pains, but I haven't felt anything like this in a very long time.

I'm thinking of calling in to work and telling them I'm staying home. I am absolutely useless right now. It hurts to even type. I can't sleep comfortably, I can't sit comfortably, I can't do anything.

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