Friday, April 06, 2007


Today in my band class, we began "Johnny B Good". For a change, I sort of felt like I had control over the music. I'm much more knowledgeable with rock & roll and swing, so I knew exactly what to put into the song when I played it. The other horn players followed me.

I asked my instructor if he'd be willing to have a saxophone solo in the song, and he gave me the okay for it. So I played a solo and people seemed to really like it. It felt good to get that recognition, because I usually stand back and stay pretty quiet. I don't like to step on anyone's feet or anything like that, but I wanted to shine just on one song for a change.

Oh and I think I have a fan of my videos on YouTube! He gave me this video response to a video I did for the YouTube super star Daxflame. He sounds like he really enjoys my videos don't you think?! The way I see it is any publicity is good publicity. If someone took the time to make a video response, I'm doing something right because that means I'm getting stronger reactions out of people.


Anonymous said...

Daxflame is an actor. He is fake.

Damian said...

Thank you Captain Obvious