Thursday, April 12, 2007

Money, Work, and YouTube.

I put up a new video here. In it, I discuss several things. OMG Extreme Story Time episode 3 is coming very soon. Although I have more e-mails than I can possibly read in the next episode, I'll try to get more than two read.

In the video, I also discuss my living arrangement, the fact that I like girls, and my love for Wild Cherry Pepsi! I recommend my readers take a look at the video.

As for my day today, I spent several hours working at my dad's house. I was getting old dirt out from the cracks in the floor. My hand is a little worn out because of it, but there's much worse things I could have done, so I'm not complaining. I was going to put some money in the bank this morning, but then I realized that since my federal and state tax returns will automatically be put into my account, I would be penalized if I put more money in. So instead, I'm thinking I'll simply open a Certificate of Deposit (which is probably a better idea anyway).

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