Sunday, July 15, 2007

AuctionAds & YouTube Updates

I recently signed up for AuctionAds. It's similar to Google AdSense, except I hear from a friend of mine that it's easier to make some money with it. It displays an item from eBay, and if someone clicks the add and buys the item, I get revenue for it! I also get revenue if people sign up for this service. So if you're interested in making some cash from your website or forums, try AuctionAds.

Oh, and I am thinking of ending my contest by or before the end of July. So it could end anytime up to July 31. There's a couple of people who came really close. If you haven't entered my contest to win $20, I would strongly recommend it! See my video for details.

Also, I recently did a new video. This one is about how I got the title "freakin' legend". It wasn't intended to be controversial, but it does have some people wondering what might happen in the days to come. I guess we shall see!

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Tim said...

Jesus is my buddy too.=p