Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dealing with People

There's a right way and a wrong way to deal with people. When you manage or administer something, you have a set of responsibilities to take hold of.

This was brought to my attention recently, and I was flat out stunned. The person is trying to get approved to join the forums, and the administrator was very rude with him for the simple fact that his e-mail looked odd. There's plenty of reason to be skeptical, but the administrator got an attitude about the whole thing.

I've been very critical and somewhat harsh in my opinion of administrators of forums across the internet. I was never able to put the foundation into place that I felt could make me a role model for administering forums, but I know there's a better way to go about handling these situations. When you yell at someone or get nasty with them, you're going to make the person mad regardless. The reason anyone should care about that is because it reflects on you. That's your image, and negativity will only tarnish it. Being positive encourages other members to join these forums. I know when I see this kind of behavior among staff members, I'm reluctant to join. It's something important to think about.

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