Sunday, December 17, 2006

Objects Function Again

I'm sorry I couldn't get objects working in the anniversary release of ProSonic. I have them working now though. This is one portion of the engine I decided not to rewrite because I felt it was already written well the way it was.

In the picture, you will notice rings show up. They're black because the sprites are still based on drawing methods of the old ProSonic code. I have a custom sprite format planned out, I just haven't coded anything to use it yet.

Also, you'll notice the level in the picture isn't Chemical Plant. I figured people were probably tired of looking at dozens of pictures of the same level, so I used LIMP (also packaged with the anniversary release) to import Dust Hill Zone from the Sonic 2 Delta II ROM hack. I applied heat filters to make it look like it was hot in the level.

Once the code for the new sprite format is in the engine, the next task will be to put a player in the engine. I am thinking I will write this portion from scratch too since it has proven to be a big challenge taking the old code and moving it over into the new engine code.

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