Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Confussion

Christmas was a confusing day for me. The first problem was knowing where dinner actually was, and the second problem was getting there.

A week before Christmas, my grandmother told me that my Aunt Brenda was going to have Christmas dinner this year. That was my understanding all the way up to Christmas day. I helped my grandmother down the steps, and she got in my mom's truck. Because my mom is a slow driver, I decided I would go in my car. When I got to my destination, I knocked on the door and waited for someone to come open it. After a good 5 minutes, I realized nobody was there. So I got in my car and thought perhaps everyone went to my Aunt Billy's house instead. Her car was there, but nobody was home. I thought to myself "is this a ghost town or something?"

I went home a little annoyed because I felt mislead. I know I shouldn't let little things get to me like that, but it's in my nature as a human being. It was pouring down rain, and I just didn't feel like searching around anymore. I decided it was their fault for not giving me accurate information and if they wanted me to come to dinner, they'd have to call me at home first. I did leave a message on my brother's cell phone to let someone know where I was so they wouldn't get worried.

Eventually the phone rang and it was my brother. They explained to me that they were actually up at my cousin's house. Apparently my aunt was supposed to have dinner, but they changed plans and forgot to tell me about it. I couldn't remember how to even get there. They told me and I was started on my way.

After going 8 miles, I figured I was just about there. I turned where I thought I was supposed to. I went up the hill on the dirt road, but it didn't seem to want to end. It took me all the way to the top of the hill. By that point I had already realized I had made a wrong turn. I saw a house at the top of the hill that appeared to still be under construction. I figured that would be a good place to turn around.

As I pulled my car to the side of the house, I realized I was in mud. It wasn't where I wanted to be because I don't like a muddy car. As I began to back up however, I soon forgot about getting mud on my car because I was stuck. It was like being in snow, only worse. I got out and walked around to try and find something I could tug under my back wheel to get some traction. I found some plyboard and tried that. It helped a little, but eventually I realized that I was just going to have to keep trying to maneuver my car back and forth until I could get out of there. It took me roughly a good 15 minutes, but I eventually got turned around.

When I got there, I was exhausted. I was 2 hours late for dinner, and I had mud everywhere. I walked in and told my story to get a laugh out of people. It was good to finally sit down and have something to eat.

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