Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Minor Raids

It's nothing real big, but there have been some very minor raids. There's been a small fluxuation in blog visitors, as well as viewers of my videos on YouTube. I believe this is temporary and won't last. Apparently the wrong people found a video I did recently and decided they needed to throw their comments out there. If you do happen to see spam on the blogs, I appologize for it. Some people love me, and others hate me. What else can I say?

The video that I have referred to is this video. I plan to do an entire series on it. Mind you, I think it's sort of funny (certainly not the funniest thing out on the internet, but I like it). Other people have given me some good feedback on it too, so perhaps I'm doing something right. I didn't plan on announcing the video or the series on here until I had a couple of them completed, but the recent spam has led me to change those plans. It's already being talked about, so I might as well take the cover off of it (not that I was trying to hide it though).

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Someone set this up here -