Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Current Strategy for ProSonic

ProSonic legal ties will be severed by outsourcing the the very functions that ties it to copyrighted materials. The engine will use scripting and other external data to control the engine's behavior, thus allowing Sonic games to be replicated without the functionality actually being in the engine code. This way, the engine can be "similar" without actually directly copying anything. This has been my thinking for a long time, but I never really explained it before and felt it was important to explain it now. Obviously, the name has to be changed, and it will down the road.

I lost the one volunteer I had because he didn't have the time, so I'm trying game programming forums to see if anyone is willing to take up my goals and make them their own. This is the best chance I have of finding help. I know I'm not going to get the help I am seeking in the Sonic community -- I've known it for a long time. Some people have a hard time understanding that most people like to work for their own interests, so you either have to give them something they want to do themselves, or something they can get paid to do. In either case, the interest factor isn't high enough in the community, and I know the reasons for that.

As for anyone questioning my marketing approach, the time will come when I put a lot of drive and force behind this project again, but I'm keeping things a low key right now, and I am confident that's the best thing I can do. People want to see something in action besides a camera demo, and that's fine, but it is in my best interest strategically to hold off on putting anything more out there for the time being.

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