Monday, October 01, 2007

The Critic

By this point in my life, I'm used to jelousy. Sometimes no matter what you do or how hard to try to please people, some of them will still find something to complain about. I usually ignore these things, but apparently I have a hater that continues to visit my blog and check the status of my ProSonic project. Here's what my friendly hater has to say:

This is utterly ridiculous. If you have not produced anything real in over 3 years and you now need to hire a programmer then ... WHAT exactly have you done? Play on youtube like a child and show a video that proves nothing, its a simple scroll system for sonic levels. You have only fooled underage sonic fans and morons.

I do not expect anything from you and you should definitely not expect profits from this failed project. At this rate you should work for Microsoft so you can make failed and delayed software and promises to people you will never keep. Great work! Waiting on this project is a waste of time!

Of course this is hilarious. Let's see, how old is ProSonic again? Programming began on December 15, 2005 (not even 2 years old yet). Apparently he can't do math.

He's also upset that he doesn't have the knowledge or skills to pull off that scrolling system. He can't come up with anything better to say, so he just sits there and criticizes me for doing something he can't do.

Also I've never claimed I wanted profits, only that the posibility is there. The only reason I am looking for donations in the future is so I don't have to work on the engine myself. I'm not about to let my priorities get mixed up again. Money makes the world go around, like it or not. I can't guarentee this engine will make me any kind of profit -- it may prove to be a big waste of my time. It's something I like though. This will be the very last project I ever do in the Sonic community, so for my own personal pride, I'd like to make it a good one.

This person also said I couldn't program and was using someone else's code a little while back. Yet I've written several programs that are still available on the internet today. I even helped out a friend StephenUK by writing him a little quick-and-dirty application to help him progress faster on his own project. On top of that, I've let a select few people see the ProSonic engine code (just ask Cyan Helkaraxe, a well respected individual in the Sonic community and someone I consider a friend).

The point of this is to prove that critics are who they are because they can't build anything. They try, but they always fail at it. So they take their frustration out on others like me who actually can build, and do so far beyond their reach I might add. He's just another hater who can't do anything special except criticize (if you can even call that special). The whole time I'm smiling!

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Vincenzo said...

Those haters will all vanish as soon as the first demo comes out.