Monday, January 01, 2007

People Filled With Hate

Take a look at this. I've been watching him closely for a couple weeks. A while back, I was searching for some information at I can't resist reading some of the topics there every now and then. I hate what I read often because of the rude comments that are constantly posted there.

Eventually though, I came across some of the usual trouble there with a user named Oerg866. I've seen a number of very rude comments aimed at him. Not only are the completely rude, but they're unfair. The kid claims he's 13. Even if he were to be a little younger than that, the point is he's still young! I watched his YouTube videos and realized that he was very enthusiastic about what he did in those videos. However some people have called him dumb and a liar. I don't see this at all, and those people need to be confronted.

My dad has told me several times in the past that a bully is someone who's afraid of a bully. Donald Trump has been saying something along those lines recently as well. My feeling is just because people were hard on you doesn't mean you should be hard on others. People who are treating Oerg866 badly are bullies. Those people learn to shut up when other people jump on them though. If you have something hurtful to say, keep it to yourself. If they're mean to you, then you got every reason in the world to fire back. As long as they haven't bothered you though, you need to keep to yourself.

I've been heavily criticized online for nearly a decade because of the way I am. I try to put out a strong message that I feel is important, or I try to motivate others to do good things. What did I ever get in return most of the time? I was called egotistical, up-tight, a moron, and a bunch of other things I'd rather not write here. I saw recently where comments were made about me again. Those people are foolish though, because the only thing I ever tried to do for years was be a good role model, never to say "I'm God, worship me". I had a lot of popularity on the internet at one time. At the age of 14, all that popularity made me really excited, but I never let it get too far to my head. I've always maintained that when you're looked up to by a lot of people, you should assume responsibility of being a good role model.

What does that have to do with the people pushing this little kid around? Well I may not have the backing I used to on the internet, but I will always continue to try and put forward what I think is the honest and right thing to do. I often found myself taking up for the younger kids who were pushed around and made fun of by the older kids. You should treat others with respect, and you've especially got serious issues if you're in your late teens or adult-hood harassing a 13 (or younger) year old kid for no good reason. That's sick. I created my blog to talk about what I think on some things, so I'm expressing my thoughts. I don't wish to upset anyone, and I don't want to make enemies. However I think if more people would speak up about this kind of stuff, it wouldn't happen as much as it does. So, allow me to be the first -- stop it.


Dean said...

You're spot on Damian.
I'm absolutely sick of all the hate that flies around everywhere. People think just because it's over the internet, and no-one can see them, that it's ok. As if they're not real people. I hope this kid is smart enough to just brush it off as people being arseholes, because he doesn't deserve that crap.

Audrey said...

I hate people who will only argue over the internet. It shows to other they do not have the gall to say what they really mean. Instead they just bully because they can, and for once they feel good about them selfs. But they never are good if they do that. Its just stupid. Those kids who bully should get whats coming to them.

nineko said...

it seems that you were talking about me

Damian said...

It was you? I didn't remember who it was. But I like you, really I do. I hope nothing I said is personal, but I don't like what some people have been saying to that poor kid. It's just wrong.

Guess_Who said...

From the forum rules at


ZERO tolerence against stupidity, intentional or otherwise. NO exemption on "friendly" idiots. NO exemption on younger members.

Younger members are expected to act no worse than anyone else. There's even a 12 year old who is a tech member, so there is no excuse for Oerg866 to behave any differently than the rest of the board.

oerg866 said...

Hey Damian,

i just stumbled across this article by googling about 'oerg866'

I'd just like to thank you for saying that, and I absolutely agree with you. I may behave stupid sometimes but that's really not the point.