Friday, January 12, 2007

My Band Class

I signed up for a band class this semester in college. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I have to say I had a blast today. I came in with my saxophone and sat down. I listened to the instructor for a little, and then we got right into playing. There was no sheet music. It was like getting together for a big gig. We played "Play That Funky Music White Boy", "Pick Up The Pieces", and several other funk songs. I'm one of four saxophones, so we have what it takes to put some great parts together.

There's no improvisation, we learn the actual parts in the original recordings. That's a good thing I suppose. I've always hated it when people just half way learned a song and made the rest fit. I feel you become a better musician when you not only do a little improvisation, but learn how to play the song exactly like the original as well. What I would really love is if later on we get to make suggestions of songs to play. The instructor is even planning to get us some gigs to play different places for money.

The funniest thing about it is I am one of three Damian's. Damian Wilson plays keyboards, and then another Damian I only met today plays saxophone like I do. I always thought Damian was such a rare name, and only once had I ever had a class with another (Damian Wilson), until today. It'll take time getting used to. Hopefully my instructor won't start calling me Brandon (inside joke -- the teacher I had for the class I was in with Damian Wilson kept calling me Brandon throughout the entire year).

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