Monday, January 29, 2007

Infinite Solutions

I have to hand it to Mark Erickson, he's a pretty smart fellow. Just who is he you ask? He hosts the "Infinite Solutions" online tutorials. This guy can teach you all sorts of brilliant tricks. He shares how to increase your Wi-Fi signal, a hidden mode in Minesweeper, how to access GoogleTV, and some other very interesting tricks.

You can view Mark's profile to see all his videos, or you can go to them directly using the links provided below:

- How to YouTube Podcast
- How to Clean Up Your iTunes Library
- How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal
- How to Unlock a Hidden Minesweeper Mode
- How to Sign Up for GoogleTV Beta
- UPDATE: GoogleTV Beta

Some people have suggested some of his videos provide completely false information, but I'm not saying anything -- you be the judge!


Dave/EvilMarshyX said...

His Google TV one. Does anyone think its a hoax or not (Loads of people have been saying it). I'm very unsure due to the fact I had tried it with no success, also his Gmail logo in the corner is a different layout to mine. But it seems so real, it can't be fake. Let me know if anyone has actually signed up for GoogleTV BETA.

Dave/evilmarshyx said...

Soz for the double post, yes it's one big hoax and a really good one too so says this site.

Then you have this:
Is it the same GoogleTVBETA??

Damian said...

Yeah it's fake. According to Google, they're having a good laugh over the video.

I love the satelite dish thing and the smiley turning angry! The GoogleTV one, especially the update video, was done VERY well! It looks so convincing.

Audrey said...

You know I was about to go and try the sell phone one until I saw the dish part. Nothing saids geek like carrying a foil covered salad bowl to the cafe. Just imagine what the people would say. They'd probably wonder if they could stick candy in it or something.

Null Epsilon Vista said...

I laugh at this. This is one of the most elaborate hoaxes I've seen in a while...

Damian said...

I love how he smiles at the camera and it has the music in the background. It gives it a 'homey' feel! "I'm Mark Erickson!"