Sunday, January 14, 2007

Too Quick to Judge Paula Abdul

If you haven't heard, Paula Abdul was recently on a Fox-affiliated morning show in Seattle where she appeared to be drunk or drugged up. I normally don't care a whole lot about celebrity gossip, but I happen to like some of Paula Abdul's songs, so it caught my attention.

I watched the video several times very carefully. She's obviously very hyper, and it sounds like she slurs some of her words. Her publicist says there was a sound problem. If you pay attention to the beginning of the video, one of the hosts calls out to her loudly, and then Paula calls out loudly back to her. Then the host says "she can hear us". I find that to be proof that they really did have audio drop-outs prior to what was actually broadcasted.

What about Paula Abdul's hyperness? Well considering it's early in the morning, coffee comes to my mind. Some people are a little off the wall when they have enough coffee in the morning. Coffee also causes many people to move around a good bit.

What about her speech? Well, I don't know for sure. It sounds to me like she has a cold though. That's perfectly possible, because it's that time of year. So that might be the reason her speech is a little funny.

What if I'm wrong and she actually is high on something? Well who says she's on cocaine or drunk? What if she's a little drugged up from her medication? If you do research, you will find she had Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and takes medication for that. Perhaps the side-effects are showing.

I'm not saying it's impossible for her to be drunk or on some kind of illegal drugs, but I'm saying people are took quick to make judgments without doing their homework. In fact, some are so quick to assume she's doing drugs that they will post comments to denigrate her. In this video, someone posted "wow... she's definitely not right there..." in the comments. I watched it and saw nothing wrong with her at all. She paused for a moment, and she mangled one of her words. A lot of perfectly normal people do that though, especially when they get a little nervous.

People are too quick to make judgments. I can't honestly tell you if she is on drugs or not, but I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. You are free to think what you want on the recent interview with her, but for those who say she's drunk when they too often make judgments with a lack of information need to do some more thinking. I can understand the recent event, but when people start claiming she's drunk in every other video, its gone way overboard.


Audrey said...

You do bring up good points. By what you say I am guessing (not saying I know, because I would be the last to know) that she might have taken too much much of meds she needed to take. Why she did is another story. She could have just accidentally taken too much, or maybe she wanted to. This is hard to say because she acts so well in other cases. However, I have heard that she was getting close to being fired last season of American Idol, so..who knows.

Striker said...

Hmmm she is very hyper in the video and I've seen American Idol a few times and that is definetly not how she ussually acts.

]There is something else at play here, what it is could be anything. I don't think they would have let her go on TV drunk.

It's hard to tell what it is because at certain times she does make eye contact with the camera and othertimes she was all over the place.

By a lot of the head movements and eye movements you can tell she is definetly high on something. whether intentional or not.