Thursday, September 27, 2007

Clarifications About ProSonic Plans

There's a misconception about what I want to do about ProSonic. When I said I'd negotiate a price with a willing programmer, I meant up front. That means with or without donations, I'm willing to pay a programmer to program the types of things I listed prior to doing anything.

Also, the possibility of making money from ProSonic doesn't mean that you will have to pay to use it. Most likely people will be able to create games with it for free. I simply wanted to ask about the possibility if it ever came down to charging a fee.

I'm not asking for donations now. I would like to focus on finding a programmer who can do all the things I listed. I have talked with a few programmers, but all of them seemed to lack some experience in one area or another. That was my perception at least. In any case, I would love to see any portfolio work willing programmers have that demonstrates what they can do.

As for anyone suggesting I haven't done anything on ProSonic, I will direct them to this video that I've shown dozens of times:

I'd also direct them to the official outline that has been online for over a year which I had done heavy amounts of promotion on. I'm confident these two items will quickly change their opinions. For those who have suggested I'm a fraud and have no programming experience, I would gladly invite you to some Sonic forums to discuss your claims. I will say that those claims aren't true in the slightest way.


Chimpo said...

I don't mean to sound like a dick, but you've already shown these. Yeah, it's impressive and all, but they're rather old and they don't actually show much of what most people are looking for in this project, an actual game. Maybe a quick 30 second level or something would get more convincing eyes but so far you're not really marketing this well enough in order to get the donations that you want.

Damian said...

That's why I'm looking for a programmer. That's why I'm offering that programmer money up front.

I understand you're demanding to see something you haven't seen, and you will. But it will require patience.