Sunday, September 02, 2007

I Sort of Did a Good Deed Today

I got my bicycle out to ride around town for a little bit, and while riding through the street across from my house, a young black boy came running towards me yelling "hey mister, hey mister!" I stopped and turned. He asked if he could ride my bike. I was going to say no, but my heart felt differently. I let him ride. He wanted to keep the bike, but I said he couldn't. He rode around several times, and then I asked to have my bike back. I tried several times to get it back, and he just wanted to keep on riding. I didn't get forceful because I felt sorry for the child. Around my area, a lot of people are poor and don't have very much. So I felt I was probably making his day by letting him ride my bicycle.

Finally he gave it back. I asked what his name was, and he told me it was Tyrike (if I can even spell it correctly). I told him maybe I'd let him ride it again sometime soon. He was a very shy boy much the way I was when I was his age. He wouldn't hardly look at me and he spoke very softly.

I guess it sounds simple and all, but it made me feel pretty good to have let him ride my bicycle. Some of these people around here are crazy and might even steal it and never give it back, but I took my chances. I think my biggest concern was him getting hurt since the bike was bigger than he was, but he did a lot better than I thought.


Anonymous said...

Stop pretending you are not a racist redneck hic from VA.

Nigga stole my bike!

Also, you have no friends and nobody likes you, you are a fake programmer, a failed computer geek and you ain't nevah gonna amount to nuthin'


PsychoSk8r said...

Whoever sent that comment, you're talking out of your arse. Saxman is well know around parts of the net.
Good luck Sax.

Chaos Hedgie said...

It was probably spelt Tariq

But yeah, whoever left that comment needs to get a fucking life, putting down Saxman because of your own personal insecurities dosen't make you a hero, it makes you look like the dumbass you are.

But wow, I never really realize how bad people have it in my own country (The US) even with my own race (yeah I'm black). It's sad, seeing as we're one of the most richest countries in the US, and we treat our own poor so horribly.

But God will hopefully bless you for making that kid's day though.