Sunday, September 16, 2007

Future of ProSonic

This semester is the first in a long time that I've actually started doing great in college. I want to continue the success I've been seeing so that I can achieve all A's this semester. I fully believe that turning 23 will prove to have been an important moment in my life. I have a different attitude on life and what I'm doing with it now, and this brings ProSonic into question.

To continue ProSonic, there are two key goals that need to be met. First, it must be taken over by a team of individuals who will have the drive and knowledge to complete it. Of course I would be the director of the project, I want to be much less involved in the actual development. I have stated this in the past, but I have never taken the steps to create a team. I will be considering people eventually, but for now I've got to consider the second goal.

The second goal is to develop a plan that will allow ProSonic to generate some kind of revenue. I wanted to keep it free, and I am not suggesting that I would make people pay to use it. I do need a way to employee people to work on it though, because I feel that would be the most effective way to get the project rolling in a timely manner. The problem is I see no opportunities to make money from this project. I understand some younger people may not understand why money is so important, but time is an important asset to me. I am not willing to pay out a pile of money to get nothing out of the effort. Working on the project for free is an option I see as bringing failure to the project.

I am looking for suggestions and ideas. The project has come very far since it began, and I would prefer to see it meet all the goals I outlined for it in the past and now. It must be profitable though.


Vincent said...

Hi Damian,
I, like many others ProSonic supporters would gladly throw in money, but before that make a demo with a perfectly working Sonic object!!
let ProSonic live outside youtube and screenshots!!

LET US TRY if your project is really what we all are excpecting from.
ProSonic's popularity will spread all over. And that'll make "donations" easy to do, making your time efforts profitable.

About "team members", you need to ask directly form s2beta forums pros.
You only need sonic experts, and they all gather in there.
You could keep the donations to "employ to the fullest" the tech team members and motivate them.
But the first step is yours to make.

OrdosAlpha said...

You can always make ProSonic ShareWare, and restrict certain aspects of the engine, for example the number of publishable levels - a single 2 act zone. And if users like what they see, then they could pay $$$.

In the meantime you could set-up a pre-order scheme, prospective users could pay you say $10 as a deposit, and when the project is released, they pay the remaining fee.

You've most likely already considered both of these options.

PsychoSk8r said...

Not a bad idea ordos.
Some people would be happy to jump on the ProSonic development Team, as i would, but i have no skills in programming anything other than HTML and ASM, and some PHP.
But i think you'd have to pay people to work on the engine As Last Resort as some would gladly help.