Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Camera Zoom

I have added a camera zooming feature to the ProSonic engine. I figure this would be neat to have on certain areas of levels where you need to see more area for whatever reason. It's not well optimized right now and has many bugs, but it essentially works! The engine has zooming levels between 1 and 65535 (16-bit instead of 8-bit to make slow zooming look smooth). A value of 0 is ignored because everyone knows you can't divide by 0! A value of 32768 is the default "normal" zoom level, meaning you can zoom both in and out.

ZOOM IN - As you can see, the graphics look messy since my engine doesn't currently resize the pixels.

ZOOM OUT - My only regret about this at the moment is it slows the engine down a lot. As mentioned before, it hasn't been optimized yet, so it draws pixels it doesn't need to draw.

ZOOM ALL - This a zoom level of 1! This takes roughly 25 seconds to process a single frame on my machine. Once the engine is properly optimized, this shouldn't be the case. I doubt anyone would ever need this level of zoom, but I thought I'd show it anyway because I thought it was neat.


witeoutking said...

WHOA... I could see this being IMMENSELY useful, could open up for a whole lot of unique games.

Erm, could you e-mail me at some point so I can be able to get in touch with you? You're not exactly on AIM all that much and there's no e-mail link here =P

witeoutking said...

whoops, forgot to include: my e-mail's this name at Gmail.

Anonymous said...

Zooming! That's another good one coming!
You are Saxy!