Monday, August 28, 2006

ProSonic LZMA

I am announcing my decision to completely rework the PZF zone archiving format used by ProSonic. The biggest change to the format is the use of compression. Before I wasn't interested in using compression, but lately I see the use of compression as a good thing. So I am looking at the LZMA compression format developed by Igor Pavlov of Not only does it have excellent results, but it is obtainable with the right type of license I have been looking for. LZMA compression means far less space used on any disk.

There's also a change that since the 7z archiving format supports LZMA compression, I may use 7z in place of the PZF format. I'm not entirely sure on this yet, because there is a sort of pride in developing an archive format of my own. If the changes I make to the PZF format make it easier to update as I continue to update the ProSonic engine, then I'll keep it. Otherwise I may consider switching over to 7z, assuming the licence is right for me of course.

On a related note, I am still working on the ProSonic outline. As I have mentioned before, the goal is to make it more useful and informative than the FAQ. It'll include in-depth details of each and every aspect of the engine, as well as a variety of screen shots to look at to get an idea of what the engine is like and what to expect.

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Anonymous said...

cool, why don't you think to a nintento DS potage?? could be very good!