Thursday, August 24, 2006

Unanswered Questions

I was recently asked two very good questions by Chaos Hedgie. The questions are about the ProSonic engine. I thought I would put them here:

Question 1
[23:01] Chaos Hedgie: Great, want to get my facts straight.
[23:01] Chaos Hedgie: Wanted to ask you, were you going to implement a time-travel feature?
[23:02] Chaos Hedgie: Or would a person have to code that himself?
[23:04] ymtx81z: The time travel 'objects' would likely have to be scripted by the game designer. The actual support of a past, present, good future, and bad future, will be integrated and fully supported by the engine
[23:04] ymtx81z: So it's like I build the house for you, and you just have to build the car to drive there.

Question 2
[23:07] Chaos Hedgie: Last question of the day, you know of the Super-Sonic Exculsive level, Doomsday. Will you have support of Super-Sonic only levels in your engine?
[23:09] ymtx81z: Those kinds of things will be script dependant. Certainly any character could be played in Doomsday, but the game has programming to stop players from accessing it. The same will apply to ProSonic. It'll be up to the game designer to stop certain players from accessing levels they're not supposed to access.

I have also decided to create an entire outline on ProSonic. The reason for this is there are too many people who still don't understand what it actually is. For those who know what it is, most don't understand the benefits it offers over the more conventional fan gaming and ROM hacking. The goal will be to explain to Sonic game designers in full detail exactly what ProSonic can do for them. I'll be presenting it here at my blog, so keep an eye out for it. Hopefully it will answer some questions that haven't been answered, and it will help people who are new to it understand it. The FAQ isn't really doing the job I need it to do. I'm positive the outline will do a much better job!


OrdosAlpha said...

Chaos is an idiot, and is best ignored.

The FAQ does its job rather nicely, it covers the basics, and that's all it needs to cover at this point in time. An indepth guide is best suited to the public releases (when all the functions have been finalised). But even then, questions will still be asked, even though they were covered in the guide. People just don't read shit, developers don't include documentation for nothing.

Damian said...

Man come on, I really don't want to see name calling on my blog, especially when other read it. I for one don't have a problem in the world with Chaos Hedgie. If you do, it's fine but don't post it here please.