Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Information Will Come Out Soon

I was hoping to make my next blog post (this one) about how I have loop-de-loops working in ProSonic and such, but I haven't had the time required to really do much work in that area. I will definitely be working on ProSonic again shortly to put in all sorts of new code to make sure the player can do everything he/she should be able to do in a Sonic game.

Someone is currently checking out the editing utilities I designed for ProSonic. I'll be asking him his opinion on them, how easy they were to work with, and his overall general feel for the designing aspect so far. If he's willing to allow it, I'd like to post his thoughts on my blog.


witeoutking said...

Sounds cool =P Can't wait to see what comes of it.

OrdosAlpha said...

The plot thickens.

Anyway, I have one small question reguarding ProSonic. Will it support sprite scaling?

Damian said...

Sprite scaling, yes. It's a must since Chaotix does a lot of that. Anything the original games, including Chaotix could do, ProSonic has to do.