Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Filtering & My Work Day

First I want to talk about the filters for my ProSonic engine. I've been discussing this lately, and I want to throw out some more information on them. Filters will not be limited to making water look like water, or making a level look like it's on fire. There will be multiple types of filters. What I'm planning right now is to have a format that will manipulate the backgrounds with massive amounts of flexibility. You will be able to control line for line exactly how the background is drawn. You will be able to set scrolling speeds for each line, allow scrolling to also be automatic based on timers, apply a distortion filter (what I've been showing in my under water pictures lately) to lines, allow lines to actually move vertically depending on the screen position, and allow a multi-plane simulation. The multi-plane simulation particularly will be a big task. What will actually happen is specific pixels of background tiles will be replaced by different graphics which can be manipulated based on screen position. You will be able to have multiple simulated layers going all at once. The idea behind that is to keep the engine fast so it doesn't have to blit and redraw more than it needs to.

As for my day at work, well I have to say I'm getting annoyed. This guy Jason works at my dad's shop with me and he's really getting on my nerves. Everytime I do something wrong or have a flaw, he picks at me about it. I woke up late the other day for example (as I have many days, for the same old reason -- power outage screws up my alarm clock -- and that's still partly my fault by the way). Well today he keeps bringing it up, and when I told him my regular excuse, he just says "oh come off it, you mean to tell me you didn't wake up at least once?". So he's being nosey. He also tends to pick at me for fun in general. Today he threw my bottle of Pepsi out the door. He went back and got it for me a minute or two later. But the point is I'm sitting back and letting this guy basically walk on me. I try not to let things get started because it's a work environment and I don't feel comfortable tarnishing the work relationship. I know also however that as long as I sit back, he's going to continue. The other guys joke with me, but unlike him, they don't do it all day long and they show me common respect. I think I know what I'll do the next time he tries something. We'll see how it goes I guess. Either way, it's about time I stood up for myself on this.

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