Saturday, June 10, 2006

ProSonic Resolution Pictures

Resolution modifications are now possible in ProSonic. I've made it flexible so any resolution can be used for the engine. Here are some benchmarks I took with the engine windowed on my Pentium 4HT 2800 computer:

- 256x192 (60 fps)
- 320x200 (60 fps)
- 400x300 (60 fps)
- 512x384 (60 fps)
- 640x400 (59 fps)
- 800x600 (32 fps)
- 1000x700 (22 fps)

Those numbers can easily change for better or for worse in the future, so they shouldn't be seen as anything but statistics on how the engine runs currently.

Also, I decided to take two screen captures:

- 640x400
- 256x192


Anonymous said...

YEEEAH!!! You're a BOSS!!

Striker said...

ohhhhh Widescreen =P