Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fire Alarm Gone Crazy

Today I was in my Developmental Psychology class. My professor asked me something, and while thinking about it, this kid Chris spoke up and made a joke. We all laughed at it. Then suddenly the fire alarm went off. We went outside and waited for about 20 minutes. When it finally shut off, we went back in.

Chris wasn't in the room immediately. Class had continued, and about 5 minutes later Chris walked through the door. The moment he did, the fire alarm went off again! We went back outside and waited about another 10 minutes.

Back in the room a third time, my professor made sure Chris was in the room! It was kind of funny that everytime Chris did something, the fire alarm would go off. But Chris was in the room this time, and we continued class. When the fire alarm went off a third time, the professor told us to just go home... then it stopped about 2 seconds after he said that. We stayed and continued class.

About a half hour later, the fire alarm went off for the fourth time. The professor waited a couple seconds to see if it was a short one like the third one. When it was apparent that it was going to continue on, he just told us to go home, so we did.

I have no clue why the alarm kept going off. I don't know if it was a bomb threat or what. Back in middle school and high school, this kind of thing was cool because we got out of classes we didn't want to be in. As much as I liked getting out of class now, I have to say it was really annoying after a short while. Either I've just matured, or my patience isn't what it once was. I just hope it doesn't happen anymore because I got tired of sitting out there when I could be doing something more meaningful!


Audrey said...

Maybe the Alarm wss broken. Ours would do that, even when nothing was wrong. One of the alarms we had used to go off whenever you breathed on it wrong...it was bad. One time it went off because of steam!

Anonymous said...

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