Thursday, June 01, 2006

Various Things

I appologize for the silence for the past several days. I have either been too busy or too tired to update. I hardly keep my eyes open as I write this.

I missed the deadline for the SatAM game screen shots. But I should have them real soon I can promise that. I think most people will be pleased.

I've been working on a new format for ProSonic called the 'PZF' format. It's a special zone archiving format I'm creating to allow me to combine all the zone data files. You'll be able to have up to 255 different palette, tile map, object layout, block map, and all the other files. Nobody would ever need 255, but I figure I would go ahead and offer some wiggle room! You'll be able to set which files get read by which acts and time zones in a level. Several properties such as player starting locations, level name, water enable/disable, and many others are embedded into the format.

The biggest challenge for me right now is to get an editor working that will create and modify PZF files. It's a sophisticated format, so it won't be easy. I'm working in Visual Basic to put together a working editor. C versions will come later down the road, but the important thing is to be able to actually make the files without a hex editor and lots of inside knowledge.

As for me, I've been good. Last night at my dad's place, we got together a few songs and played them. He's learning the parts to ones I picked out on his guitar. I pretty much know the songs. I'll be singing some of them and playing the sax on them. It'll be a whole lot of fun. Maybe I'll bring a camcorder and record us when we actually perform. It'd be something neat to share I think.

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Audrey said...

Oooo, I want to here you guys. If you sound as good as you say you do, then it should be a whole lot of fun!