Saturday, June 10, 2006

SOME Editor, ProSonic Hi-Res

My good buddy Fuzzbuzz has been working on a music editor for the original Sonic the Hedgehog game for quite some time now. The editor is called 'SOME' and he has recently released a brand new version. I tried it and was left quite impressed. I believe his editor makes my Sonic QX music editor written for Sonic 2 look like fluff! Here's what he says about SOME:

Voice preview - a YM2612 emulated playback of the voice that you're currently editing. (sorry, no stop and play, just wait and listen )

TX81Z Sysex Import / Export - You can now import and export voices into a TX81Z format. TX81Z sysex patches are widely available and I've included a few that were included with SonicQX to get you started. Look on the internet for new sounds!

SonicQX (ymx) Import / Export - You can also import and export voices into Saxman's SonicQX format. Again, I've ncluded a few that were included with SonicQX to get you started. So congrats to all of you who use it.

More features....just take a look.

You can download SOME here. I recommend this wonderful program to anyone. You will need a Sonic 1 ROM file in binary format to use this.

Also, I have been working on the resolution enhancements in my ProSonic engine. It's not quite ready for screenshots yet. I was left a little disappointed when the fps dropped from 60 to about 55 in 640x400 on my Pentium 4 2800 machine. This means I'll have to work on some optimizations. The recommendation for anyone who wants their ProSonic-based games to run fast on older machines is to use 320x200 or 320x240.

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Anonymous said...

I saw fuzzbuzz's post about it over at SWS2B. Awesome stuff.