Friday, June 09, 2006

Skypedy Doo Dah

Okay, this really makes me think. I left the general Sonic community because I didn't like the people who were there for the most part. You can go into a thousand details, but that was the root of it all. I don't talk to many people from forums like SWS2B and SCARZ, except for a few people I like. I go to FUS of course, and a good majority of the people there are wonderful. I never really get into spats or anything. They're much more mature and well mannered than most of the people at the forums I used to go to.

So why am I bringing this up? Well occasionally this guy Tweaker (also known as 'Sonicdustin') contacts me. Me and him have had a few falling outs in the past, but I remain nice to him when he contacts me. He usually wants something from me when he does, but I just figure "whatever". Of course he still occasionally says negative things about me at forums I don't go to anymore, but I ignore it. I have kept my mouth shut for the most part. Obviously you can see I don't trust the guy though, and for good reason.

Today this is what happened:

[23:39] Sonicdustin: Hmm
[23:39] Sonicdustin: So you know
[23:40] Sonicdustin: Fiz looked up your phone number in her phonebook
[23:40] Sonicdustin: and she found you
[23:40] Sonicdustin: kinda funny
[23:40] Sonicdustin: we called up for you over skype and QJimbo talked to your grandma for a bit
[23:40] Sonicdustin: nice lady
[23:46] Damian: Pardon?
[23:47] Damian: Why would Fiz be looking up my number?
[23:47] Sonicdustin: It was a random skype conference, we started looking up names
[23:47] Sonicdustin: and we were like "Hey, what about Damian Grove?"
[23:47] Sonicdustin: And she found it
[23:47] Sonicdustin: totally didn't expect it
[23:47] Sonicdustin: She got mine and SGR's too I think
[23:48] Damian: I don't know what skype is
[23:49] Sonicdustin: It's an online voice conference thingy
[23:49] Sonicdustin:
[23:49] Damian: Oh okay
[23:49] Sonicdustin: It can call to real phones now too, and for free

Okay, now he mentions someone named Fiz. Fiz is someone I never got along with and had many, many falling outs with too. I'm not going to go through all the history, but I'll simply say I have tried to get away from some of these people. I'm sitting here reading Tweaker write that she found my number and that QJimbo called me. You can see the obvious trouble here. Why would they want to talk to me? The only reason I can figure is to have fun with it, and maybe share a log with friends.

Things like this go on all the time around the world. My basic thoughts are "why are some people so obsessed with creating more wounds?". It makes no sense. Any reasonable person would say "okay, we don't get along with this guy, so lets just leave him be". The internet is very different from real life. In real life, you can stick up for yourself, and I've had to put a couple people in their place before. But on the internet, your options are really limited. That's why I've always felt it was best for people to look out for one another, and to scold stupid behaviour that is designed to provoke people. This never happens. Now I don't need anyone to stick up for me, I'm capable on my own. But some people need the support.

Well today my friend Spoonstar (also known as PorpoiseMuffins) stuck up for someone on FUS. It really made me think about how there are a few people out there willing to stand their ground to help friends and people in general. It's sort of what they call around my area "southern hospitality". This made me think back to what Tweaker wrote today and I figured he must not know what standing up for your friends means. To dump one because some others don't like him that well isn't right. So I'm using this blog post to put in perspective the importance of southern hospitality.

After seeing Spoonstar's defence today, and coincidently since I have an example with Tweaker to use, I was very motivated to write this. I figured I'd write something different for a change besides the usual ProSonic stuff.


Anonymous said...

Well, I think internet communities usually gathers people that have problems with sociality.
No need to explain some are really bad-mannered ones. Some of them are nice chatting, and so You should just talk with them and put on more distances between you and the "internet friends", because formality helps alot when something it's not right in relations.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Tweaker and Fiz personally, but from what I have seen of them they give me the impression that they frequently act like children. Don't let them bring you down, Damian. You're a talented guy with a lot to offer.

Maybe they're inclined to behave this way because they're jealous? Just a thought.

witeoutking said...

Ugh. They started doing Skype prank calls lately. I don't entirely think it was completely malevolent, but yeah. I stand up for people I repsect (hell, even some I don't) and almost always get my butt whipped in the process.

I tried to keep Elbot from getting banned from CulT back in '03. Got myself a horrible reputation at CulT from there.

I told dosdemon to "leave Chaz the f*** alone" in '04 and he never let me forget it. Two years later I still have issues with him.

I stood up to Borisz when he started lourding over the boards and he banned me.

It sucks, and people are generally assholes online.

witeoutking said...

By the way, Fiz may not have entirely abandoned the idea of pranking you so yeah.

Damian said...

Hehe, yeah that's the word going around. I doubt anyone will be able to successfully prank me though because nobody knows where I live. A phone book won't do anyone any good, and nobody in my family is going to willingly give out a number to contact me to just anyone.

In fact, my grandmother said she never got a call, so I definitely know they didn't get the number right.