Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Italian ProSonic Outline

Someone going by the name "Sonic the Hedgehog" has translated my ProSonic outline to Italian. It's in PDF format, and you can download it here. You can also still find the English version of the outline in PDF and DOC formats. If you have been following my ProSonic engine closely and haven't read the outline yet, I encourage you to do so.

Also, I have done another webcam video. You can check it out by clicking here. I discuss a little more on ProSonic in it. It's in WMV format, so you'll need Windows Media Player or some other compatible media player to view it.


Sonic The Hedgehog said...

Oh, Damian, I'm also adding your banner to my site www.ssds.it, if you need to translate some other thing, as well as ProSonic text in italian, please contact me at: ssgohan(AT)ciaoweb.it

See you!

EvilMarshyx/Dave said...

Just watched the clip, good stuff again. Also I have a question, since you say people who have no knowledge in programming will be able to use this engine would you be able to do something like export tile data from a level from Sonic ROMS and import it into ProSonic with a click of a button. Or let's say create a character roster so that you can choose what characters can play your level.

dave-SSRG AKA EvilMarshyx-GP2X.com