Sunday, September 24, 2006

ProTools Interface

I'm starting what I am dubbing the "ProTools Interface". This is one single interface that is flexible and easy to work with I can use to create all my ProSonic editing tools. This is the reason I have started doing ProTools.

I love Visual Basic, but I don't know enough to get my PZF file editor working like I need it to work. So since I know more about programming in C, the idea is to still have a friendly interface to work with while sticking with cross-platform C programming.

Right now, I have a dialog box working that can be any size. It has the Green Hill Zone checkered designed. I will soon begin putting my old ProSonic text functions in so text can be written to the screen which I think will look really nice in the dialog boxes I created.

Essentially ProTools will be a library that I will be able to attach to any program I write so I have all the functionality I need without having to write everything from scratch. This will allow me to come out with editing tools a lot quicker. This will also make the rewrite of the PZF format a whole lot easier.


Sonic The Hedgehog said...

That's cool!!
Nice interface, I wonder if the text used onto will be sonic fonts or standard ones.

Damian said...

It uses Sonic fonts. It'll support several Sonic fonts in fact.

BTW: You should tell Alex64 that he clearly doesn't understand what ProSonic is and that he should reconsider his topic-locking action on the topic you made. Anyone who believes ProSonic is an "emulator" is clearly mistaken and is confused about what ProSonic really is. There's absolutely no reason I can think of that it wouldn't fit in with the Nintendo DS forums. If it can be posted on GP2X forums, it can be posted under Nintendo DS all the same.

Sonic The Hedgehog said...

Yes, I wonder if he even had a look on the pdf outline.
I'll try to send him a message, in the meantime I'll continue posting it elsewhere! ;)

Breakshot/Knuckles said...

I read it, And i like what i see. This will be awesome once it comes out. And a whole bunch eastier than ASM and HEX. I support you all the way.

Back on topic :P

I like the GHZ interface. Nice work.