Friday, September 15, 2006

PDF Outline & Music

A ProSonic fan known as Nineko has converted my DOC formatted ProSonic outline to the PDF format. For those who don't have Windows, this format might be best. I still recommend the DOC format for Windows users though. You can grab the PDF version here. Someone has also offered to translate into Italian which will hopefully increase interest even more in ProSonic.

On the note of music, I haven't forgotten about it. I still want to do more song recordings, but I haven't done any for a good while because my MIDI interface stopped working several months ago. I don't know why it would stop working, but I am thinking maybe I should just get another anyway because the one I have connects to a USB port. USB ports don't have any specific clock speed like standard serial ports do. This means SysEx messages don't work with it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm basically saying I can't read and write voice data (instruments) between my keyboard and computer. So the plan is to find a serial MIDI interface, buy a USB-to-serial adapter (since my computer doesn't have any serial ports), and get myself back into action.

I'm thinking of trying some different types of songs, including some I think practically everyone will love. In the mean time, you can still listen to So In Love which I did several months ago.


Audrey said...

I think the logo you did for your outline was good. Well done. Oh and I love the idea italian translaion, that might be the thing to get more people involved. Why finding a person to do Spanish as well? I would...but I only know a little. OH and one last thing...your music is alaways matter how you do it.

Nineko said...

hello, I'm Nineko. glad to see that you posted the pdf version.

Since I'm Italian too, if that anonimous guy isn't going to post his one soon, I'm going to translate it by my own.

Still, awesome work so far.

Sonic The Hedgehog said...

3 pages left to finish it!

Maybe tomorrow, and it's done ;)

(P.s. nineko, mail me at ssgohan(AT)

Nineko said...

I never send emails.

Miles Prower said...

Would you like a French translation and some more advertising in France? ;)

Sonic The Hedgehog said...

I just didn't mean to be rude Nineko, nor I wanted your e-mail to flirt or spam you!

I'm only tying to talk about ProSonic related stuff! In the case, of course, you're willing to reply. :)

Sonic The Hedgehog said...

I'm really tired now (today was a pretty bad one at work), I'll resume translating tomorrow.

Update: there are only 2 pages left :)

Nineko said...

miles: Damian has said that any translation and any conversion are highly encouraged and accepted, so I think he will be happy to see a French translation :)

sonic: that's ok. good luck on your translation. I didn't know there are so many Italian fans anyway :p

Miles Prower said...

Okay, gonna do it :p

Sonic The Hedgehog said...

Finished & posted online! ;)

( Needs some corrections, but even like this, I bet it'll expand ProSonic's international support! ;) )

Check it out here!

Sonic The Hedgehog said...

The link posted was cut,