Saturday, September 02, 2006

ProSonic Logo

I have been designing a logo for ProSonic, and after playing around with some ideas, I came up with this. I have never been as good ad creating fancy images on a computer like others have, but this is one of my better jobs I think. I'd like to know what others think of the picture I created. I will likely have some variations of the logo (e.g. just have the "PS" by itself without anything else in the picture). I would also like to create some buttons and banners with the logo. I used an older image of Sonic in this picture because I wanted to push the idea that ProSonic was "retro" in that it returns to the roots of Sonic the Hedgehog games. Plus, I always liked the style Sonic was drawn in on the covers of the original games in the United States.

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PorpoiseMuffins said...

Should do the trick :)