Sunday, September 03, 2006

Linking ProSonic Fans

After the creation of the ProSonic picture yesterday, I continued my efforts by making two buttons today. You can use these buttons to link Sonic fans to my blog for ProSonic information.

ProSonic logo - white background

ProSonic logo - checkered background

Of course if you still prefer the older buttons, you're welcome to continue using them. The smaller buttons are probably more friendly to sites that contain a lot of different links.

ProSonic 196x82

ProSonic 98x41

ProSonic 88x31


OrdosAlpha said...

"Ah, much better!" I gotta stop with the Duke-isms.

Anyway, the new look banners are much better, the original banners were a bit too plain for my liking.

Guess Who said...

Hello Saaaaaaaxman.

If you haven't heard of me, I'm Guess Who, disgruntled somewhat-ex-SWS2B member. I've been watching your blog and I love the way ProSonic's been coming along. I have a bit of experience in graphic design and was wondering if you might be interested in letting me do some promotional materials or something of the sort for the ProSonic engine. I made a quick mockup of a logo for the engine that can be found at There's a bit of detail missing in that image and the blue came out too bright, but the image is simply intended as a sample regardless. =P

If you'd like to contact me, my email is

I can't believe I went the entire comment without making a cactus joke. D: