Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Still Working On The ProSonic Outline

I still exist! I have just been working on the outline for ProSonic in my free time. It is taking a little longer than I thought it would. My goal is to "sell" ProSonic to people. I don't mean I will be taking money for it. I simply mean I want to convince people who haven't yet been convinced that ProSonic is worth the wait. So this outline is important. The idea is to write something that will last a good while. The outline will contain more information that I had originally planned. Think of this as a campaign to "convert" people. I'd like to get ROM hackers, programmers, Game Maker and Multimedia Fusion users interested enough in ProSonic to actually use it to create some exciting new Sonic games. So hopefully the outline will help me accomplish that, and hopefully that explains clearly why I'm working on this outline in the first place.

Also, I'd like to thank everyone who has used the new ProSonic images. Believe it or not, putting one of the images in your signature at forums you visit really does help. I have tracked a whole pile of visits to this blog from those images. I'd like to come up with some more ways to promote ProSonic. Just recently I was thinking of having a sort of "ProSonic army" for a lack of a better name. This would be a message that people could post on their websites or in their signatures saying they support ProSonic and such. It has to be a message that grabs their attention though. I'll think on this some more and if anyone else comes up with some other ideas, please let me know.

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OrdosAlpha said...

ProSonic army, now that reminds me of something from days gone by. I f only I could remember.

As for slogans, I simply use - "Click the banner of I'll eat your face!" OK, it's more of a threat than a slogan, but hey at least it may be working.

The SHaC Army! That's what "ProSonic Army" reminded of. Man, those were some good times.