Sunday, May 28, 2006

ProSonic Water

I have water working in ProSonic now. Instead of having two seperate palettes like I originally wanted, I went with what I call a "water map" which simply says "replace color A with color B when drawing water". It maps out conversions for all 256 colors.

Also, I should have a picture from the SatAM game fairly soon. It could be as soon as today, or it could be in a few days from now. I'm trying to get out a picture by the end of the month if possible.


Koray said...

I assume, by the 256 colors remark, you opted to go for less colors.

Just bare in mind that Prosonic has the ability to stretch far beyond sonic fan games. And though 256 colors is great for the sonic/platformer type genre. For anything more intricate and detailed it would be crippling.

So you fork over a small bit of preformance, but are you at the same time limiting how extensively your engine can be used.

witeoutking said...

Personally if I had to choose between having more colors, or having more-affectable colors, I'd go with the latter.

USC said...

Speaking of that SatAM game...what style while regular gameplay be? Will it be like a "picture book" style (nicely colored drawings, and you move by using menus), a platformer like Adventures of Link, or this style...

Sample pic

If it's the last, I've been messing around with RPG sprites for the Freedom Fighters. If you want, I could send some of them your way.