Sunday, July 09, 2006

Having A Good Time

I played music Saturday with The Legendary Hellhounds, a local band that my dad has recently been part of. My dad asked me to come along, and I gave it my all. We played from 8:00 PM to about 12:00 AM. I have some pictures from the event:

DSC01058 - This is the view from where we were. It's a nice and peaceful area. The view here is nothing compared to venturing up the Shenandoah Valley, but it's pretty nice I think.

DSC01059 - This is a picture of everyone getting situated. My dad is playing with the mixer and fixing a couple things. The building is actually a place where they make wine.

DSC01073 - Me and my dad are playing.

DSC01074 - Another picture of me and my dad playing. I think I'm really starting to get the feel of the music at this point.

DSC01077 - My dad is telling me something (don't remember what it was). I thought this was a neat picture because it looks like we're all grouping up together as a team.

DSC01085 - Would you believe this is another picture of me and my dad playing? Well if you don't believe me, look for yourself. The carvings on the horns stand out in this picture.

DSC01094 - This is me playing without my dad. I think by this point he went to take a break. This is probably one of the better pictures of me.

DSC01107 - I remember exactly what song this was. The band was playing "Stormy Monday". My dad played at first while I stood back and watched. Later he came to me and told me to play, so I did. I really got into it and knew exactly what to play. The crowd was cheering and clapping for me.

By the end of the night, they considered me a hellhound member. It was a lot of fun I must say. I guess they'll update their website and include me in the various sections as they did with my dad.

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Audrey said...

So thats where you where, you little devil. You looked nice in those pics