Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pictures From My Trip

I have some pictures from my trip. I was going to ask Audrey if she would mind me putting some of these up. I keep forgetting, so I decided to just go ahead and post them. If she disapproves, she can yell at me later!

PICTURE 1 - Audrey's dad took a picture of us here. This was a fun one.

PICTURE 2 - This is another picture Audrey's dad took. I hate how messed up my hair is in this picture! Also notice I'm the only one who doesn't drink beer.

PICTURE 3 - I thought this was a pretty view, so I took a picture. I think it turned out rather well.

PICTURE 4 - This is Lake Mohonk. We went here to hike and swim, but unfortunately I had to get that flat tire.


Audrey said...

Its fine. I wish you did ask, but its ok.

WiteoutKing said...

Wow, that IS a beautiful view.

Striker said...

Heh yah I was about say those bottles look awfully like smirnoff bottles.....not that I would know >_>

OrdosAlpha said...

I ain't a beer/lager drinker either. I'm more of a spirits (or liquor as they say over the pond) man. Although, I get the feeling that you're not one for alcohol consumption, Sax.

Anyway, I hope the trip did you some good on the ole relaxation front.